Xmas donation event

We are launching a new Donation event with 40% Discount on every Donation. You only have to use this code while donating:


Code: xmas


event ends on 27.12.17

Have fun

[#27] Update 211

The restart is for the new update. You dont need to update your clients.

Following things got changed:

- Roc and Medusa will now drop Egy B with a higher chance then FGW

- Following Uniques will now drop Immortals with a 50/50 chance

Tigergirl,  Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi, Isytaru, Lord Yarkan, Shaitan 

[#26] IP-Limit fixed

IP-Limit is fixed with the next restart.

If you want to fix it now: Log in to your old Chars and log them out via the exit button.

This will reset the status and you can login to new/other accounts again.

[#25] Donation Event

We started an Donation event. Every Donation with this code will get 20% discount.
Code: 20

[#24] Update 208

New update (208) contains:

// Added a new NPC in Jangan
// Added 11 new avatars
// Fixed Jangan DC bug
// Fixed IP-Limit Bug

Your Source Road Team

Server Info

  • Players Online: 239 / 2000
  • Cap 110
  • CH & EU
  • EXP/SP 100x
  • EXP/SP (Party) 150x
  • Droprate 30x
  • Goldrate 20x
  • Jobrate 25x
  • Magic Pop 5x
  • Alchemy Rate 3x
  • Capture Flag Event Enabled
  • Battle-Arena Enabled


  • Servertime: 11:05:34
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Everyday

Latest Unique Kills

  • Zena____201O has Killed Yuno 11 minutes ago
  • DeLPhi_MaN has Killed Tiger Girl 34 minutes ago
  • _Whale_ has Killed Isyutaru 41 minutes ago
  • Olynth has Killed Cerberus 41 minutes ago
  • JustForWizz has Killed Uruchi 49 minutes ago
  • lCrazyl has Killed Demon Shaitan 1 hour ago
  • SweeTyG1rL has Killed Captain Ivy 1 hour ago
  • _VODIKA_ has Killed KIDEMONOS 1 hour ago
  • _Whale_ has Killed Tiger Girl 2 hours ago
  • _VODIKA_ has Killed Yuno 2 hours ago